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2021 Season:

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2021 PYFL Weights & Ages

For 27 seasons, the Pacific Youth Football League (PYFL) has prided itself on providing a youth football league that is dedicated to the safety and well being of its athletes.

When determining ages and weights for a division, age, mental maturation and size are all aspects which need to be considered. Over these 27 seasons, we've observed that while size does play a factor, mental maturation mostly outweighs size.

We do not believe a child should be forced to play up 2 age groups merely because they are heavier. Our reason for this belief is that it does not account for the mental maturity or speed of a child that is 2 years older.

Furthermore, we understand from time-to-time there will be the rare athletes who possess size, skill and speed. In that rare instance, the PYFL will celebrate these players and the special gifts they possess among their peers.

While weight limits are still in place, we are pleased to offer a safe, age appropriate football league by providing kids the best opportunity to play and experience the game of football with kids predominantly their own age.

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