Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do my fees cover?
A. Registration fees cover any different expenses in Youth football like insurance, league fees, official fees, field permits, field equipment, practice equipment, maintaining and purchasing new player protective gear.

Q. What is the policy on refunds?
A. Vikings has a strict No Refund Policy.

Q. How Much playing time will my child get?
A. PYFL rules require that all players play a minimum of 12 plays per game. At every game there are play count auditors to ensure that each playe gets their minimum requirement. Playing time after the minimum will be at the discretion of the head coach.

Q. Do I have to purchase equipment?
A. Football players need to provide a protective cup, mouth-guard and cleats. Integrated practice pants are recommended. The league supplies shoulder pads, helmets, practice jersey, practice shirt, game day jerseys and game day socks. Cheerleaders are required to purchase uniforms, shoes and hair bows. Cheerleaders keep their purchases at the end of the season. Football players keep their jersey and socks.

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