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The Burbank Vikings is run by a team of volunteers some of who have kids in the program, others who do not. The success of this program is absolutely contingent on continuing to grow our volunteer pool.

Upon signing up your football player or cheerleader, each parent has committed 6 hours PER CHILD to volunteering for the program. If four hours per child are not completed nearing the end of the season, your athlete runs the risk of not participating in games until the hours have been fulfilled. There are several ways to complete your four volunteer hours in no time. Opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Working in the Snack Shack
  • Helping Cheer make ‘run through’ posters
  • Field set up and break down
  • Field/Bleacher clean up (both for practice and games)
  • Equipment hand out and collection
  • Chain Gang
  • Announcer
  • Score board operator

Details for all of the above mentioned tasks are listed on the Volunteer Description page.

Beyond these day-to-day necessities, there are more permanent Volunteer positions that are ABSOLUTELY necessary to the functionality of the 2010 season. These positions include:

Team Athletic Directors for both cheer and football
Volunteer Coordinator
Division Commissioners

Details for all of the above mentioned jobs are listed under the Volunteering tab at the top of this page.

Volunteer Descriptions

Volunteer Coordinator: This position reports directly to the Board of Directors and is responsible for ensuring that the field is fully staffed on game days, which includes snack bar personnel, chain gangs, scoreboard operator, etc. While it is not expected that this person be at all games at all times, they would maintain a volunteer schedule for each game. This position is also responsible for making sure the trailer will be delivered on time by either themselves or another volunteer who has the means of transporting a trailer. This person also will be in touch with team Athletic Directors to ensure that parents from that team have fulfilled all necessary volunteer hours.

Athletic Directors: One AD is required for each football team and for each cheerleading team.

Football AD’s are responsible for coordinating all information between the coach and the parents i.e. practice times and/or changes, game day times and/or changes and any other team related information.

Team AD’s are responsible for creation of and maintenance of the Team Certification Binder which contains all contracts, photographs, birth certificates, insurance, and personal information for each player. This Binder must be present at ALL practices and games. They will also return any paperwork after certification to the family in an accurate and timely manner.

They also must maintain accurate records from equipment hand out to equipment return to ensure all items have been returned in accordance with the players $150 deposit agreement.

They are responsible for the timely arrival of game ice for the coolers prior to the game, making sure water boys are present during the game, and coordinate a volunteer schedule with parents for half-time snacks and after game snacks. Team AD’s must also be present at paperwork turn in day.

Cheer AD’s are responsible for the maintenance of the Team Binder that must be on hand at ALL practices and games.

This person will have cheer lists and common knowledge of game day and practice activities so they can act as a substitute in the event the coach cannot attend.

This person is also responsible for ensuring that run through posters are prepared and ready for each game. They will also coordinate a volunteer schedule with parents for after game snacks.

They will also act as the liaison between the coach and the parents on that team and are in charge of disseminating information.

Division Commissioners: A commissioner is needed for each division (Pee Wee, Bantam, Junior and Senior). This person oversees the teams in his/her division and works with the Athletic Directors and Head Coaches to maintain communicative and administrative consistency across all of the teams. This person is basically the ‘go to’ for any personnel or parental conflicts within their division. This person will take necessary measures to resolve any issues or, if necessary, escalate the matter to the Board of Directors.

Snack Shack Personnel: The snack shack is always in need of volunteers to sell food, water and Vikings Apparel during summer evening practices at Jordan Middle School and during home games at Burbank High School. Morning, afternoon, and evening shifts are available during home games. Furthermore, there is always a need for people to help in setting up and breaking down the snack shack before the first game and after the final game. Please note: it is never expected for a parent to work during their child’s game.

Sound System Set up: Morning set up of the sound system and evening break down of the sound system is necessary.

Field Set Up/Break Down: In order for a game to take place, the fields have to be lined, the yard markers need to be set out and the pylons need to be arranged. The sound system also needs to be set up in the bleachers. At the conclusion of the day, an equal amount of volunteers are needed to put everything away.

Field/Bleacher Clean Up: At times, 8 home games happen on one Saturday. That can equal a lot of trash. The snack bar has garbage bags so people can go pick up empty wrappers, empty water bottles and papers lying around the field and bleachers both in between games and at the conclusion of the day. This is an easy way to get a half hour of volunteer time!

Cheer ‘Run Through’ posters: During the summer practice sessions, at Jordan Middle School, while the cheer teams are preparing for the season, both cheer and football parents are recruited to help make the banners for the football players to run through at the beginning of the second half. One sign is needed per team, per game, which generally equals over 100 run through signs! No sign-up necessary, just come over to the picnic tables at Jordan to help out.

Equipment Hand Out and Collection: The Football AD’s run the hand out and collections for each of their teams, but they might need assistance checking in equipment or keeping records. Please see your AD for more information.

Chain Gang: During games, volunteers are needed to run the chain gang on the field to move the down markers for each series. It is a great front row seat for any true football fan and a great way to get 1.5 hours of volunteer time! Contact the Volunteer Coordinator to sign up for a game today!

Announcer: You could be the next John Madden! Are you good on the mic? Sit up in the stands and call the play by play. This is also your opportunity to fulfill your life long dream to be a DJ. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator to sign-up!

Score Board Operator: The scoreboard doesn’t run itself! We are getting a brand new score board this season and need someone to run it for each game. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator to sign up.


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