About Us

Our Objective:

The objective of this program is: to inspire youth, regardless of race, color, creed, or national origin; to practice the ideals of health, citizenship, and character, to bring our youth closer together through the means of a common interest in sportsmanship, fair play, and fellowship; to impart to the games elements of safety, sanity, and intelligent supervision; and to keep the welfare of the player first, foremost, and entirely free of the adult lust for glory.

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Viking Home Field:

Burbank High school: 902 N 3rd St, Burbank, CA 91502

Field Rules:

  1. No Alcohol or tobacco products on the field, stands, nor the parking lot area
  2. No Pets of any kind allowed on school campus.
  3. No Skateboards, bikes, balance wheels, roller skates permitted on field
  4. No food or drinks permitted on the field or sidelines. Please help keep our turf field safe and clean, only water on the field!


PYFL BYLAWS:  2015 bylaws (click to download)

Player Safety: Heads up Blocking

Positive Coaching: Click to visit website



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